Charity Partner

If you or members of your family were to face serious or life-threatening illness or injury and needed help, where would you turn?  

The Community Supporting Police Inc. (CSP) Helping Hand fund is a Tax Deductible Gift Recipient Fund held under the Community Supporting Police Incorporated Association. Helping Hand aims to render aid and assistance to members of the Queensland Police Service (QPS) and their immediate families who are faced with serious, terminal, life threatening injuries or significant personal trauma.

In order to provide this important support, Helping Hand raises funds through donations, sponsorship’s, payroll deductions and fundraising events. Donations to the Helping Hand are tax deductible.  You can make a difference for as little as $1 per pay. 

For members of the Queensland Police Service, deduction forms are available on the Bulletin Board or Contact Detective Senior Sgt Mick Ackery and he will arrange a form to be sent directly to you.

For members of the community who would like to support Helping Hand, you are invited to click on the Helping Hand logo above to learn more  about what we do and the process to provide financial support to police officers and their family in times of need.