The Equestrian competition will be conducted in the following categories:


o Preliminary (2019 EA Preliminary 1A and 2019 EA Preliminary 1C)
o Novice (2019 EA Novice 2A and 2019 EA Novice 2C)
o Elementary (2019 EA Elementary 3A and 2019 EA Elementary 3C)

Combined Training

o A1 (2019 EA Preliminary 1A – 45cm)
o A2 (2019 EA Preliminary 1A – 60cm)
o A3 (2019 EA Preliminary 1A – 80cm)
o A4 (2019 EA Preliminary 1A – 95cm)
o A5 (2019 EA Preliminary 1A – 105cm)

Show Horse

o Led classes (Maiden, Novice and Open)
o Ridden Classes (Maiden, Novice and Open)

Show Jumping

o 45cm – Super Two Phase, AM5 (238-2.2)
o 60cm – Super Two Phase, AM5 (238-2.2)
o 80cm – Super Two Phase, AM5 (238-2.2)
o 95cm – Super Two Phase, AM5 (238-2.2)

o 105cm – Super Two Phase, AM5 (238-2.2)
o 115cm – Super Two Phase, AM5 (238-2.2)

Western Performance

o Led classes (Youth, Amateur and Open)
o Ridden classes (Youth, Amateur and Open)


o Novice (Barrels, Bending, Bawnduggie Bend)
o Open (Barrels, Bending, Bawnduggie Bend))


All competitors must wear appropriate footwear while mounted, and around horses in the stabling/wash bay areas.
Approved riding helmets to the current standards are to be worn when mounted. Helmets are not required to be tagged per new Equestrian Australia ruling however, it is the responsibility of competitors to ensure helmets are up to current standards.
Western competitors may wear Western hats if over 18 years. All youth must wear helmets.

Acceptable standards:
• Current Australian standard AS/NZ3838 (2006 onwards) (SAI global marked)
• New Australian standard ARB HS 2012 (SAI global marked)
• Current American standard ASTM FII63 (2004a onwards) (SEI or SNELL E2001 marked)
• Current British standard PAS 015 (1998 or 2011) (BSI kitemarked)
• Interim European standard VGI (01.040: 2014-12) (with or without BSI kitemark)
• Outgoing European standard EN/1384 is NOT permitted.

Combined Training, Dressage, Show Horse and Show Jumping will be run under Equestrian
Queensland rules.
Western Performance will be run under Australian Quarter Horse Association rules.
Competitors should become familiar with these rules prior to competition, if not already.

Reservation of Right
The organising committee reserves the right to;
• Cancel any class or event
• Combine/divide any class
• Reject nominations for whatsoever reason.

Hendra Vaccinations
Current Hendra vaccination do not replace the requirement for good biosecurity practise.
Horse Health declarations are mandatory per BEC rules.
Non-vaccinated horses are required to be stabled separately for biosecurity purposes.

Riding Attire
Polo shirts are permitted for sporting, show jumping and the show jumping phase of the combined training event.
Competitors are to make themselves familiar with appropriate attire for applicable disciplines detailed in applicable rule books (links above).

Service/Agency Attire

Competitors are strongly encouraged to enter in to the spirit of the games by improvisation of their service/agency identity through their riding and horse attire.
Agency patches, polo shirts, uniforms and colour co-ordination greatly add to the spectacle and uniqueness of this competition.

The “Best presented” judges may be influenced by quality, originality and innovation of service/agency entrants in this event.


• Indoor and Outdoor sand arenas (70m X 40m)
• Bryce Arena (outdoor grass)
• 48 stable complex
• 50 day yards
• 8 wash bays
• Amenities block with hot showers
• 20 powered camping sites

Please note: all camping and stabling requirements are to be booked via Burpengary Equestrian Centre


Click this link to see the full list of categories: Equestrian Categories


Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Dressage, Show Horse, Hunter Classes (Western), and Sporting (Night Event)

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Show Jumping and Western Performance


8.00 am Sharp Each Day



All competitors must register via 2019 Queensland Police & Emergency Services Games website and pay the $35 games registration fee prior to entering equestrian events.

Dressage – $20 per class (two dressage tests)

Combined Training – $20 per class (one dressage test, one show jumping round)

Show Horse – $5 per individual class

Show Jumping – $20 per class (two show jumping rounds)

Western Performance – $5 per individual class

Sporting – $15 per class (three sporting rounds)

350 Rowley Road, Burpengary 



Brenda Jones (QPS)  
Jo-Anne Sullivan (Qld Health) 
Jo Moore (QPS)