Lawn Bowls


Please note the date change for the Fours and Pairs event.


The Lawn Bowls offers events for Club bowlers (Open Section – Singles, Pairs and Fours) and for non-club members/social/barefoot bowlers (Novice Section – Singles, Pairs and Fours).  All events are Unisex and medals will be presented for both sections – Gold, Silver and Bronze.


    • Each game will consist of 10 ends, or 1 hour 30 minutes, whichever comes first, unless it is necessary in the knockout finals (only) for an extra end to be played to determine a winner.
    • A bell will be rung at the 1 hour 30 minute mark to indicate the time limit has been reached.
    • If the time limit is reached before 10 ends have been completed, no further play is allowed, but if an end has already been commenced, it may be completed.
    • An end has commenced once the mat has been placed on the green and the jack has been rolled, before the bell is rung.
    • There will be no dead ends (jack knocked out of bounds), the jack is to be re-spotted on the “T”.


    • In the Pairs and Fours, players are not interchangeable – the nominated Pair or Team of Four cannot be changed during the event.
    • Pairs and Fours – some teams will be created from individual registrations therefore the positions of lead, second, third and skip, may be changed for each new game, but must remain unchanged during a game.
    • Points will be awarded as such – Win – 3; Draw – 1; Loss – 0.
    • In the event of a forfeit, withdrawal or inability to finish a game, the team/player who is able to complete the game will receive 3 points, regardless of the score, plus one shot for each end not finished up to the maximum of 10 ends remaining.
    • To determine positions for finals/medals, if points are equal, then the following will apply:-
      • Most shots scored (preliminary rounds)
      • Biggest margin total (preliminary rounds)
      • Most ends won
      • One bowl shot nearest to the jack – one nominated player from each team.
    • Any disputes will be referred to the Umpire, who’s decision will be final.
    • Games affected by weather conditions will be decided on the day, in conjunction with the Umpire.
    • Depending on the number of overall player nominations the above times/days of play may be varied by the organising committee and Bowls Club in consultation with the Umpire and players to ensure all play is completed within the above six days. All players will be given sufficient notice of any changes to times/days of play.
    • Eligibility is determined by the Queensland Police and Emergency Services Sports Association and players may be required to provide photo ID and meet eligibility requirements before play.



Tuesday 8th – Open and Novice Fours (round robin play)

Wednesday 9th – Open and Novice Fours (knockout finals, top 8 teams)

Thursday 10th – Open and Novice Pairs (round robin play)

Friday 11th – Open and Novice Pairs (knockout finals, top 8 teams)

Saturday 12th – Open and Novice Singles (round robin play)

Sunday 13th – Open and Novice Singles (knockout finals, top 8 players)







Club Bowlers

Open Pairs

Open Fours

Open Singles


Bare foot /Inexperienced

Novice Pairs

Novice Fours

Novice Singles


Tuesday 8 – Sunday 13 October 2019 

(See Event Schedule)


8.00 am Each Day



$30  (Plus $35 Games Registration Fee)

To register a Fours, organise your Four and nominate a Team Captain. When the registrations open, you will register as an individual and be prompted to insert your Team Captain’s name.  

To register a Pair, organise your Pair’s partner and when the registrations open, you will register as an individual and be  prompted to insert your partner’s name.  

If you are not part of a Four or Pair and want to compete, simply register as an individual and you will be placed in either one.


Manly Bowls Club, 26 Faine Street, Manly


Sgt John Dallow, Capricornia District 

S/Con Shane Stanley, South Brisbane