Mountain Biking


We wish to advise that the mountain biking events have been cancelled. 


The Mountain Biking competition will be a combination of XC disciplines held at two different locations.


Aligned with UCI Rules.


Day 1 XCM – 9.00 am Wednesday, 9 October 2019

(This event is cancelled).

This ‘Cross Country Marathon’ event will be a unique mountain bike orienteering adventure for any cyclist with a suitable level of fitness and endurance. If you enjoy a challenge, are good at trivia (as you will need to complete tasks along the way so you don’t get time penalties) and riding through some picturesque unsealed backroads – this will be an adventure ride to remember. The course has a few hills to keep it interesting but nothing too challenging or technical (less than 500m elevation in total).

Meet at School Street, Rosewood from 8am – the event will commence a short distance away on Reillys Road and runs about 50 km – details of the route will be provided on the morning. The Coordinator will advise participants with further details prior to the event.  

Day 2 XCC – 3.00 pm Saturday, 12 October 2019

This XCC ‘Short Course’ event will be staged at 138 Haigslea-Amberley Rd, Walloon. It will be 15 mins plus 2 laps of the short course circuit. Short course laps are approx 800m long. The XCC is about consistent pace throughout – If you get lapped, you’re out. If we get a large roll-out of entrants, more than one race will be held to cap numbers on the track at one time.

Day 3 XCO – 8.00 am Sunday 13 October 2019

This XCO ‘Cross Country’ event will also be staged at 138 Haigslea-Amberley Rd, Walloon on a 5.2 km single track course – suitable for any mountain bike rider with moderate skills level (blue category trails). The circuit is full of tight twists and turns, so good cornering and balance will be your best friend – the faster you can go, the more technical it becomes. There are easier ‘B lines’ around the more difficult features, however they take more time to go around. Competitors will need to complete either 3 or 4 laps depending upon category. The course will be marked and open all week leading up to the event, so all are welcome to come along and practice before race day.


Please direct any inquiries directly to the Coordinator listed under ‘Contacts.’




Please direct any inquiries directly to the Coordinator listed under ‘Contacts.’



Day 1 XCM  Wednesday, 9 October 2019 

Day 2 XCC Saturday, 12 October 2019 

Day 3 XCO Sunday, 13 October 2019 


See Description 


XCM $20

XCC $20

XCO $20

(Plus $35 Games Registration Fee)


Rosewood and Walloon


S/C John Russell, Ipswich RPC

Sgt Roly Watkin, PCAP