Ultimate Disc



Ultimate Disc (Frisbee) is a mixed gender non-contact team and will be played on a grass field 50m long by 20 wide.  Players pass the disc up the field from player to player with the aim of catching the disc inside the endzone to score a point. Players are unable to run once they’ve caught the disc and have 10 seconds to throw the disc once a defender has started counting.  Games are played to a point or a time cap depending on the format of the competition.  The aim of the game is to score by getting through the opponent team’s part of the field and catching the disc in the endzone.


Normal World Flying Disc Federation rules apply (Rules of Ultimate) with the Mini version rules below applying to this tournament.  The team leaders decide with a disc flip (hills/valleys) as to who hucs and who recieves, winner of the flip decides offence or defence and the other captain chooses which end to start on. The games will be played to a 60-minute time cap or 13 points, which ever comes first.

There will only be 20 minutes between games.  The teams will compete in a round robin format with play offs for gold, silver and bronze.   Players must wear number shirts* and suitable grass playing foot wear. Soccer boots are recommended.

Half time is when a team reaches 7 points, I minute is allowed at the break. Each team is allowed 1 time out to max of 2 minutes. Time out cannot be called in a universe point situation. (see scoring).  Scoring – point for each successful catch in the opponents’ goal line. If time cap is reached the plus one rule will apply, game will be played to the next point based on the score at the time, i.e. 7-5 at time cap, plus one means the game will be played until a team reaches 8 points with no time outs.


This will be the first time Ultimate Disc will be played in any Police and Emergency Services Games. The version being played will be Mini, using a smaller field with a  mixed gendered team of 4 on 4 with 4 subs. There must be 8 players registered for each team, 4 men and 4 women.

The Coordinators will allocate entrants into teams in the lead up to the event.


11.30 am Check In / Briefing
12.00 pm Play Commences



Sunday, 13 October 2019.


11.30 am Check In / Briefing


$15 (Plus $35 Games Registration Fee)


The Oval, Queensland Police Service Academy, 72 Rudd Street, Oxley 


Sergeant Mark Donnelly
Corey Wakefield